Local Events

So, you have been invited to an event. Why not take a gift along for the host? You could consider velvet gift boxes as a choice. This is just one example, the reality is that they are a number of gift choices out there to choose from.

Extra information about velvet gift boxes

Gifts From The Heart

Booties, blankets and hats that have been handmade are the best. This is due to the fact that the mother will feel the gifts were made with love. The fact that someone sat down and took their time to make the present makes them to be more special. These presents are seen as gifts that are from the heart.

Gift Vouchers

A gift voucher from popular baby shops or supermarkets is a practical gift. This is true more so for mothers that have other children. The mother can use the voucher to buy nappies, wipes and other things that the baby will require.

Treats For Mum

You can offer them a paid weekend getaway with their partner or even a gift certificate for a night out after the baby is born. This is going to give the parents of the new born time to bond and reconnect. You can also choose to include some personal indulgence such as paid massage or even pedicure.

A Baby Monitor

A monitor is a must for any nursery and parents to be are going to be excited to cross this item off their nursery checklist. The monitor will be used to check on the baby when they are asleep in their cot. The mother will then be able to have some ease of mind and continue with their work knowing that their child is alright.

A Nursing Pillow

For the new breastfeeding mothers, a nursing pillow is the best thing to make sure that the mother and child are both comfortable. There are a lot of back rests to choose from which help mothers to maintain a good posture as well as shoulder and arm rest to reduce the amount of strain. There is also as strap which can be adjusted using one hand and a pocket to hold all the things you will need during nursing.

A Baby Sling Or A Carrier

A beautiful baby carrier or a sling is the best hands free way for parent to move around their new ones in style. Since there are many styles, sizes, colors and types that you can choose from, there is an option that is going to suit just about anyone.